History of the Acoustics Institute

The N. N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute is a research center for fundamental and applied studies in acoustics. The Acoustics Institute was established in 1953 in Moscow on the basis of the Acoustical laboratory of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The idea of organizing such an institute was put forward by Academician N. N. Andreyev.


Prominent scientists - founders of the areas of research represented at the institute


The Acoustics Institute is a leader in the studies of sound propagation and ambient noise in the ocean.

The scientists from the Acoustics Institute contributed largely to the development of various types of hydroacoustic equipment. They developed the fundamental theory of waveguide propagation in the ocean. They discovered and experimentally verified such phenomena as the long-distance propagation in the underwater sound channel, the existence of the far zones of acoustic illumination, and the focusing of sound. These discoveries substantially altered the general physical concepts of the sound field structure in the ocean and served as a basis for the development of hydroacoustic equipment. The role of these discoveries in hydroacoustics is still of crucial importance.

The research projects carried out at the institute include the development of modern computerized models of acoustic fields and the development of methods and means of the acoustic monitoring of water areas, which is important for both ecological purposes and the prediction of anomalous geophysical and geological phenomena. The period after 1990 is characterized by intensive studies of the methods of emission and reception of sound and methods of acoustic signal processing. Other projects carried out in the 1990 s are concerned with data processing in the hearing systems of humans and animals, the studies of vibrations in complex mechanical structures, acousto-hydrodynamical phenomena, and noise and vibration control. New ultrasonic technologies are under development.

The monographs written by the scientists from the Acoustics Institute received world-wide recognition: "Ocean Acoustics" (ed. by L. M. Brekhovskikh, "Physics and Engineering of High-Intensity Ultrasound" (ed. by L. D. Rosenberg), and other. The scientific results obtained by the researchers working at the Acoustics Institute are reported in the "Akusticheskii zhurnal" (Physical Acoustics) and other scientific journals.

The institute provides post-graduate courses for both full-day and correspondence post-graduates. On the basis of the Acoustics Institute, two councils of the All-Russian Certifying Commission are formed to confer doctoral and candidate degrees in physics and mathematics and in engineering. The Institute has two base education departments - one at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and another at the Moscow State Institute of Radio-Engineering, Electronics, and Automation.

The Acoustics Institute initiated the formation of the Russian Acoustical Society (in 1991).

The status of the Russian Science Center was received by the Acoustics Institute in 1994. In 1997, this status was confirmed.