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Ocean Acoustics

A. N. Gavrilov
The present-day status and outlook of acoustic thermometry of the ocean
P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences
36 Nakhimovskiy Pr., Moscow, Russia, 117851
Tel: (7-095) 129 1936; Fax: (7-095) 124 5983
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Science material obtained in the already accomplished and currently continued experiments on acoustic thermometry of the ocean, allows us to make some conclusions regarding the perspective of using underwater acoustics for investigation of the ocean climatic variability and design the plans of more comprehensive ongoing experiments. Each of the four oceans plays its own distinct role in forming the global climate, distinguishes from others in specific response to climatic variations in the ocean environment, and has definite peculiarities that influence long-range acoustic propagation. All those distinctions make us to search for the schemes of acoustic thermometry systems that would be optimal for each particular basin of the World ocean, and could be integrated into the complex, multi-instrumental systems for observations of the ocean climate. Using the combined data of the hydrographic, satellite, acoustic, and other measurements would allow us to compose more complete and realistic picture of the climatic state of the ocean. In the review presented below, the main results of the recent experiments, conclusions made from these results, and the plans of ongoing experimental studies are considered.