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Ocean Acoustics

V. Voronin, S. Tarasov, V. Timoshenko
Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering
Russia, 347928, Taganrog, GSP-17a, Nekrasovsky 44
Tel: (8634) 310635, (86344) 61795;
E-mail: nolacs@pbox.infotecstt.ru


The properties of parametrical hydroacoustic device with reference to the ocean research problems are considered. The mathematical models and expressions for account of performances of parametrical arrays are reduced. The features and dignities of devices using effect of nonlinear interaction for oceanology researches are discussed. The results of investigations of a thin structure of ocean obtained on expeditions on scientific research courts of institute of an oceanology are resulted. The problems of interaction of waves at the presence of a fluid flow in a zone of interaction of signals are considered.